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How to sell

Ymart is a fully integrated e-commerce platform, which enables you to:   

  • sell your products and services
  • collect payments via PayPal or credit cards
  • track inventory and orders
  • communicate with customers   


  • It cost you nothing to be on Ymart. Only when you sell we collect 5% commission. 

How to start

Your start on Ymart can be as easy as:

  • Provide a brief seller and product information
  • Snap a picture of what you sell
  • Post

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However, we encourage you to take a full advantage of Ymart e-commerce platform and setup your Ymart store.

Ymart store

  • Setup your store and get a unique store web address such as This address provides a direct access to your store and products. You can use it on your business card and promotional materials
  • Complete all sections of the store setup such as store policies, taxes, shipment rates, etc. in order to use this default information for each listing rather than providing it each time
  • Provide address and put your business on the map

Having a store makes your presence more credible and increases buyers’ trust.


Read User Agreement and Privacy Policy before using Ymart : 


IMPORTANT: order and payment status

  • If you sold your product, you have to make Order Status/Order Payment Status updates
  • To make changes in Order Status or Order Payment Status, go to My Ymart/Sell/Orders section

Here is how it works on Ymart:  

Order Status Description Who provides the update
New This status is given to all new orders when they are created Automatic by Ymart
Shipped This status is given to an order when it has been shipped from Seller. After 30 days all orders are automatically marked as “Complete” Seller
Processing This status is given to an order to indicate that it is being processed Seller
Complete Final status (cannot be changed) given to an order when it has been accepted by Buyer. This status is also automatically assigned to any order that has been marked as “Shipped” for more than 30 days Buyer
Incomplete Order can be marked as “Incomplete” if any issues arise requiring Seller’s resolution Buyer
Cancelled Final status (cannot be changed) of an order that has been cancelled / annulled Seller or Buyer
Paid Order:
  • Payment status changes automatically to "Paid", if payment is made by PayPal.
  • Seller can also change payment status to "Paid" manually.  
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