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Joined: 26 Jan 2015

  Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016, 11:43pm
  Subject: SEO the easy way - 4 Effective Techniques

1.     Although this may be an obvious SEO truth, it is worth reiterating – write original content and avoid copying other authors’ work. Search engines care about providing users with the most relevant and interesting results from search queries. As Google search that spews up repetitive content is of little value to users, Google will show only the original article, leaving your copied content down below in the results list. Writing original content significantly improves your chances of being ranked at the top on relevant key words. Worst-case scenario, Google will treat your copied content as spam material, making it virtually impossible for the target audience to find. A better strategy if you want to share an interesting article would be to write your own brief commentary and cite a URL instead


2.     Effective use of keywords is inarguably one of the top factors that affect searchability of your content. What are the keywords and phrases consumers typically use to search for your business? Google Analytics search can also help you identify other common keywords consumers relevant to your product or service. Once identified, place your key words in highly visible content areas (such as page title, title tags and headings) to improve your content searchability.


3.     How your keywords are distributed throughout your content is also important. Generally Google pays most attention to the first 200 words, so make sure your keywords are effectively used within the opening paragraphs. Various keyword density analyzing tools can help you determine how your keywords are distributed and assist in content optimization.


4.     Even though writing long articles may be somewhat more difficult for a reader to digest, search engines do tend to rank longer content higher than shorter one. Well-written, compelling original work is considered by Google to be of higher quality and more relevant to users, making the algorithm place it at the top of the search results. Typically, your original content should contain at least 500 words to secure better ratings.




Joined: 26 Feb 2018
  Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018, 03:55am
  Subject: seo services Los Angeles
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 Forums » Marketing & Sales » SEO the easy way - 4 Effective Techniques Reply to topic  Start new topic
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