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Why Leading Questions Are Important In Sales Negotiations!

with permission of Patrick Tinney, Managing Partner,, the Author of the new business book “Unlocking Yes: Sales Negotiation Lessons & Strategy” &ld

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Branding and mistakes many small businesses are making

Many small businesses have never had time to think about branding and create a cohesive brand strategy. Many treat it as a last priority and if not completely neglect branding aspect delay it greatly.

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About Ymart


What is Ymart?

We started Ymart for you and other entrepreneurs to liberate your creative spirit, unleash your potential and give you the true power of online commerce.
For us, small businesses the only way to gain a meaningful online presence and be competitive is to get together in order to gain size, voice and visibility.
That is the idea behind Ymart.
Ymart is a grassroots community project started by entrepreneurs who know your problems first hand. Like you we wanted to grow a successful business. Quickly we realized that not only brick and mortar but online world is dominated by big players.
This is why we launched Ymart, an online small business marketplace for small Canadian businesses, where each entrepreneur can have their own store and enjoy equal rights to compete regardless the size.

With Ymart you to run your business 100% online:
•           sell your products and services
•           process PayPal and credit card payments
•           track inventory and orders
•           communicate with your customers

Ymart is ultimately free. The only fee you pay on Ymart is 5% commission on sales. You control your inventory. Your deal directly with your customers.  



How Ymart is different from the competition

Ymart is easy, simple and free. We charge only when you sell and only 5%.


How Ymart is similar

How Ymart is different


e-commerce functionality

Focus on SMEs, GTA activation, much easier to set up, substantially cheaper (free listing vs. $29.99 monthly annual fee (business account), 5% commission on sales vs. 15% (expt. electronics) +  other fees*), suitable for services, control over the inventory, shipping flexibility incl. pick-up, allows face-to face integration with customers, extra support and promotion through Ymart social media


e-commerce functionality

Focused on GTA, truly local (eBay content is mostly foreign, which creates complications/cost related to FX, customs, etc. and make it impossible to contact a seller and see the product), focus on SMEs, much easier to set up, substantially cheaper (5% on sales vs. 10% + fees*), suitable for services, shipping flexibility incl. pick-up, allows face-to face integration with customers, extra support and promotion through Ymart social media


Local, free

No classifieds, fully functional e-commerce platform which allows online transactions, permanent presence (no listing expiration which requires constant relisting), we only charge commission on sales and fees for value-added service similarly to Kijiji, extra support and promotion in Ymart social media

e-commerce functionality

Unlike Etsy, which is a global online marketplace for creative (artistic) entrepreneurs, Ymart is a open for any type of businesses including services. Ymart is local, our fees are comparable (Etsy charges $US 0.20 listing fee and 3.5% commission, we change no upfront fees and 5% commission), local activation and extra support and promotion through Ymart social media


Web store builder platform


Ymart benefits 

Ymart helps 
• Discover new products from local vendors
• Find out what is available in your neighbourhood
• Save time and money by buying direct
• Support local small businesses and help your community
Business owners 
• Save through reduction in advertisement and operating expenses
• Innovate by lowering the risks & costs associated with new venture/new product launches
• Grow by accessing larger customer base, increasing innovation rate and having  stronger financials
• Go global by gaining visibility outside of local markets 


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