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How to find a good business idea to start a business

I really want to build a strong business. I have a couple of ideas but not really sure. It seems like everything is very competitive. I do not know where I can get a good idea to start… Any adv

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Why Leading Questions Are Important In Sales Negotiations!

with permission of Patrick Tinney, Managing Partner, centroidmarketing.com, the Author of the new business book “Unlocking Yes: Sales Negotiation Lessons & Strategy” &ld

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Greek Translations

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Lingua Greca Translations
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9 out of 10 Internet users always visit a website in their own language, when given a choice of languages. Localizing your products and materials for global markets is a quick, cost-effective and powerful way to increase sales and profit potential.

Lingua Greca Translations helps businesses worldwide reach out to Greek-speaking customers and empowers them to get their message across. Website and app translation boost global brand recognition and drive international business growth.

Our boutique translation company focuses on software and app localization, medical and technical translation, as well as translating gaming and gambling texts from English, French and German into Greek, and vice-versa.

In 2013, we translated the popular guide for translation buyers, Translation: Getting It Right, into Greek. It provides tips on how to make the right choices in finding a translation provider and how to avoid common pitfalls. Download the guide for free: http://linguagreca.com/our-work/translation-guide/ and contact us for a free print copy http://linguagreca.com/contact/.

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